Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little about our open house at BYU Idaho

The Bridal Bouquet Workshops 2010

One of the most enjoyable parts of our annual spring flower and bridal open house is the bridal bouquet workshop. We have three different workshop levels. Workshop A is for the beginners, and gives the student a chance to make a bouquet in a bouquet holder (lomey, oasis etc.). As it is usually the first time the student has made one, this bouquet will be simple; yet we try to have every bouquet different from the others, so the challenge is to come up with flowers that will open the door to a different look for each bouquet. There are about 20 or so in that workshop.

Workshop B is for those who have completed the first level, and are now challenged to design as a group, using the exact same materials, but each producing a bouquet that is completely different from the rest of the group. Groups usually consist of three students. They have to
agree on all the materials they use--everyone has to use everything, but not necessarily in the same proportion. This makes for a very interesting comparison of design skills and creativity.

Workshop C challenges the advanced students to create a more complex bridal bouquet using some type of armature or highly structural component such as a wire grid, then carry the bouquet around during the open house, and answer questions about the design as our visitors walk through the open house.

The creativity, the variety of materials, and the spontaneity are quite exciting.
More in another post about the open house itself.


Crystal Lyman said...

It's about time you put up another post!! lol! It's good to hear about the wedding show!

Jenks Jive said...

I love all the creativity going on!

Lydia Stewart said...

Oh- looks so amazing! I can just smell the fresh flowers and I want to be there! I love that orange and green one!

Pickett Fences said...

Hey I remember that place and I miss it! Are you still the director there? I want to come up this summer to the gardens with the kids.