Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thueson shakespeare wedding

On the 10th of April, 2009, I was given the privilege of designing the fresh floral component of a great wedding event. My good friends, the Thuesons, asked me to help with the flowers for their daughter Katelan's wedding. The venue is the new Rexburg Idaho Henry's Fork Stake building.

In the foto above, the booktable, and in the fotos below, there are several views of the backdrop.

The main flowers used for this event are heliconias. I brought them in from Ecuador, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. The pincushion protea (Leucospermum) were from a grower in Ecuador. The orange Anthurium were grown in Trinidad. Following are some fotos of the centerpieces, cake etc.

and here are the bride and groom in front of the buffet piece.

the corner was dark when I was taking this shot, but you can spot the buffet in the corner

there are some fun details in the buffet piece, birds I found in the LA flower market, green cymbidium orchids from the Netherlands, the other cymbidiums are from the student greenhouses at the Cal Poly San Louis Obispo campus--I picked them up while we were on a student field trip there the week before the event. The green dendrobium sprays were from Tailand.

The beehive gingers are a special treat direct from Hawaii. In this large piece you can see the heliconias well too. The tall parrots are from Hawaii, the intermediate heights were from Ecuador, and the shorter ones were from Costa Rica. There is also some Chamaedorea cataractarum palm from Florida, and some boronia, added for fragrance.

Here is the groom's family!

and here is the Thueson immediate family. I missed the larger group picture. They are a great family!

I think that this large piece was the favorite one to do. It was a therapeutic experience, and brought much enjoyment to those who came to the wedding reception.

This was a blast to do, and the whole evening was pleasant. In the background, and around the room, I also placed a dozen live palm trees for added atmosphere. There were four each of Spindle, Majesty, and King palms.


Kristin said...

Everything looks great! I hope you had a great trip to see the new grandbaby!

Jolyn Laney said...

this is really neat bro. romney! i miss seeing cool, different product. you are a great designer and teacher!