Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a day to begin!

It seems fitting to begin posting on this blog on Valentine's Day.  My helpers are busy filling orders.  I have seen the smiles of the receiver as I delivered a couple of special bouquets for friends.  I saw my sweetheart's smile last night as I gave her some beautiful tropical flowers my friends in Costa Rica grew for us.  I actually had a minute to sit down and eat a sandwich.  Life for a florist is good.

I have the privilege of working with some of the finest young people in the world.  I have been teaching college and university students for 21 years in the southeastern portion of Idaho.  I started the Floral Design Management Program in 1987, 2nd of February actually, and have been here participating as Ricks College evolved into Brigham Young University Idaho.  I used to help the students sell a few flowers at the bookstore, then eventually in our own facility, and now it has become the "BYU Idaho Flower Center."  We have around 50 to 75 students in the floral programs, either working toward an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree in Floral Design Management, or a BS degree in Horticulture, with an emphasis in Floral Design.  There are also students from many other campus disciplines who are taking floral classes to complete their customized minor area of study (or a cluster, as it is called here).  This is a great place, with students who are morally strong, spiritually driven, and about as pleasant as one can imagine.

My hope for anyone who finds my ideas of interest, is to provide a connection to many places and people with whom I have had contact throughout the world, a floral connection.  I have written a column in the "Florist and Grower" magazine off and on for several years entitled "Floral Connections," and as that has been a main theme of my efforts in the Horticulture industries, I see it as a clear path to continue through this technology.  Please feel free to contact me with your comments.  I answer to either or 


The Toll Family said...

Hello! It is nice to see you here on the blogs. I got some beautiful flowers from Jerry for Valentines Day with extra roses in it! They are wonderful!

Felipe & Christina said...

Hi Brother Romney! I am so happy to have found that you have a blog. I hope you dont mind if I put a link to yours on mine. I also hope to be able to visit you sometime in the future. Until then I am still having fun working in the fabulous floral idustry also... just a few thousand miles away!!!