Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laurel Coburn Wedding Event

Laurel's  Wedding   8 November, 2008
The Headwater Grill at Teton Springs Resort near Victor, IDaho was the site of a wedding event I recently helped with.  Laurel Coburn's parents have been friends for decades, and we have also been neighbors through the years in Logan, Utah, and Salem, Idaho.  It was a great thrill to help by providing and designing flowers for Laurel's wedding event in such a lovely place.

This is the Headwater Grill at Teton Springs in November of 2008.  You can check out the property web site by clicking here.  The staff and management folks were great to work with, and made the event quite pleasant.  It was a cool, but perfect evening, with a recent light rain that made everything look so clean, yet providing fresh snow in the nearby mountains.  This venue is located in Pierre's Hole on the west side of the mountain pass in the Teton Range. Jackson is on the east side about a thin half hour drive away in good weather.  If you are ever in Victor, you should stop at the Emporium and grab a huckleberry ice cream cone, shake or malt.

This is the entrance to the Grill, and the reception.

The flower girls were sure cute, even though a little tired of waiting for the bride to come down the stairs so they could do their job.

A contemplative moment for the bride, just after the "yes" and right before the photo session.

Both the bride and the groom had several family members there to support them.  What a great family!

Enjoy a quick view of the grand entrance of the bride...
This was a very pleasant event.  I used Black Magic roses from Ecuador, mixed with "new love" gypsophylla and dozens of mixed greens, some traditional foliage like Gaultheria (salal) Myrtus communis (myrtle), and some more unusual things, such as aspidistra 'milky way,' pistachio foliage, Australian tree ferns, Leucodendron 'Jester' and mosses.  The request was for a "traditional, cabin look," so the bridal bouquet consisted of two dozen Black Magic roses, with clusters of gypsophylla wound and layered in a spiral around the sides of the hand-tied bouquet.  I used a bright silver woven ribbon treatment over a handle satinized with black "tux" ribbon from Lion Ribbon.  Smaller bouquets constructed to match the Bridal bouquet were used for the four bridesmaids.  Corsages and bouts were black magic roses with pistachio foliage and sprigs of Irish moss, bound with silver boullion from Smithers Oasis.  The tables were decorated with round nosegays of the same roses, with Dutch Pico fronds (a small-leaved chamaedorea), and scattered rose petals.  I brought in the exotic greens from the Aalsmeer market, which means that they came from Australia, flew to the Netherlands, and flew to Idaho all in a very short time.  Thanks to my great friends in Holland and Miami for providing such fine product.