Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bethany and Jonathon wedd

Bethany Kaye Romney and Jonathon Lawrence were married on 14 June, 2008
in the Rexburg LDS Temple

They wanted to join thousand of others this year and be married 8 8 08, but the numbers didn't add up for them; that was too long to wait! But add 6 and 8 and you get 14. That will do.

The sum of the flowers added up nicely too. Beth wanted bright, beautiful whites with natural greens. That meant anything from olives to limes, with mossy undertones. She chose Hydraengeas for her photo shots a couple of days before the wedding--all white mounded giant blooms, and again for the bouquet at the temple, so I hand-tied them--just kept adding them until she was satisfied. This time we minimized the white and used more green The large bouquet was striking and bright in the morning light.

Wedding day for Bethany, our youngest daughter

Beth in her lovely gown, handmade in France

What bright light this couple radiates!

most of the family, minus some of the little ones, just after the temple ceremony

The bouquet from the morning was left in the car--the ultimate oops for this well-trained bride, so I tied another together before the reception. This time I used Rosa 'Limbo' and small white Zantedeschia (callas). It survived the evening at Romney Place, despite the afternoon of very strong winds, and even survived the toss. I placed mixed bouquets on the serving and seating tables, including more Hydraengeas, 'Green Goddess' callas, and some dramatic Eremerus lilies

The bouquet grabbers gather

Beth cuts the cake. Grandson Isaac is quite enthralled with the process while he sips limewater

I suspended the oval shaped cake and stand in a Wilson's weeping birch that grew in a heart shape after it froze back several winters past. It was an unusual way to display a cake and brought many comments. It was covered with about 100 'Limbo' roses I brought in from Ecuador.

Entertainment was provided by "the Brothers of Abraham"
check them out at or buy their "removing the pain" album on itunes
Bethany's brothers, from left: Benjamin 6 string bass & vocals, Abraham, guitar and vocals, and Anthony, drums